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mini waterproof gsm gprs gps tracker for car motorcycle scooter vehicle truck real time online tracking monitoring no monthly

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So, what we talk about?


mini waterproof gsm gprs gps tracker locator for car motorcycle scooter vehicle truck real time online tracking  monitoring no monthly


By iTracksafe

Features and specifications:

- For Vehicle/Motorcycle/Scooter(8-50V DC)
- Waterproof
- Quad band transmission: 850/900/1800/1900Mhz
- Built-in high sensitivity GPS & GSM antenna
- GPS/GPRS/GSM/SMS positioning and tracking
- SMS phone alerts
- ACC detection
- Power off alarm (available for MT1 with battery only)
- Geo-fence, speeding alarms
- Free lifetime web-based tracking platform

- Battery:180 mAh(3.7V)
- Operating temperature: -20 to 55 degrees Celsius
- Operating humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing
- GSM: Quad Band GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHZ
- GPS chip: U7
- GPS sensitivity: --162 Db
- GPS frequency: L1,1575.42 MHz
- C/ A code: 1.023 MHz chip rate
- Channels: 56-channel all-in-view tracking
- Location accuracy: 10 meters, 2D RMS
- Speed accuracy: 0.1 m/s
- Time accuracy: 1 microsecond synchronization to satellite
- Default data: WGS-84
- Update time: Average 0.1 seconds
- Hot start: 1-second avg.
- Warm start: 30-second avg.
- Cold start: 32 second avg.
- Maximum altitutde: 18,000 meters (60,000 feet)
- Maximum speed: 515 m/s (1000 knots)
- Maximum acceleration: Less than 4g
- Instantaneous displacement: 20 m/s

About the SIM card:
- Make sure the SIM card has caller ID display functions enabled, and call transfer is disabled.
- Remove the pincode.
- Make sure the SMS format is pure text, not PDU.
- Make sure the sim card supports 2G

About IMEI:
In Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Turkey, and India, only tracking devices with legal IMEI can be used. Our devices come with legal IMEI that you can register with your local GSM operator.

- For Turkish customers, if you want to use your own registered IMEI, please contact us first before you paying,
- The Device ID is the 10-digit number pasted on the GPS tracker cover
- Both our tracking website,, and our iOS Android application "iTracksafe" are free for the duration of the product\'s lifetime. Account details are pasted on the packaging. .
- Please set the APN for the tracker first before using our web platform,
- Please register the GPS tracker on our web platform You will then be able to find the tracker using our iOS & Android app, "itracksafe".


Product showcase

Mini waterproof GPS tracker


MT1-750 3


Real-time location tracking

Measure location using a combo of GPS+LBS



Set a geo-fence

Cars owners can set geo-fence boundaries that send automatic alerts as soon as the vehicle passes over them.


Trip history recording

Records your car\'s trip history for months


Power tampering alert

The device sends tampering alerts when turned off that include the last recorded GPS location


Speeding notifications

When the vehicle\'s velocity exceeds a preset speed, the GPS tracker will notify the owner


ACC alarm

The device sends alerts every time your vehicle is started up


Location finding methods

1. Locate by SMS command or phone call:
Text the number 6690000 to the GPS tracker from your phone, or call the GPS tracker from your phone. The GPS tracker will reply with a Google Maps location link.


Track your car with our free, lifetime-use iOS and Android application, "iTracksafe"

Find and download "iTracksafe" from the Apple Store or Google Play Store, or scan the QR code to download.


Free lifetime tracking with our platform






MT1 (circuit board only):
No battery, cover, power cable, or packaging


MT1 (no battery no Box):
Includes cover, power cable, and manual.


MT1 (with battery box):
Include battery, retail packaging, power supply, cable, and user manual



We ship by aliexpress standard shipping. Product are insuranced.

You can make a dispute if you did not receive the goods.   Aliexpress will involve to investigate, if they confirm the package lost, aliexpress will refund your full money , thanks.


Most items will be shipped out within 48 hours.

7 Days Return if you do not like it.

1 months to return if product has quality problem.

14 months warranty for all products.  

Frequently Asked Questions:  

Question 1: Device has user manual?
Answer:  It comes with English/Spanish/Russian user manual.


Question 2: Does the GPS Tracker need SIM Card? What kind of SIM Card I need
Answer:  This GPS Tracker needs SIM CARD.

Prepare a 2G GSM SIM Card which can support GSM and GPRS into the GPS Tracker.

In many countries, the 3G 4G SIM card which can down support 2G&GPRS is fine too.

If your sim card has pin code, unlock the SIM card on your mobile phone!


Question 3: The GPS tracker comes with IMEI and ID? Can I change IMEI
Answer:  The IMEI and ID NO, is the unique NO. Our devices comes with legal IMEI, you can register sucess in your local GSM operator.


Question 4: Where is the user name and password of itracksafe tracking website and apps.
Answer:  We paste on each GPS tracker packing box.


Question 5:  Why the GPS tracker can not come online on itrac gps tracker ios andriod app "itracksafe"
Answer: please register the GPS tracker on web platform first, then you can see on the itracsafe app.


Question 6: Why the GPS tracker shows "unactive" on
Answer: please make sure you set the APN correct.
APN is Acess Point Network , each GSM operator has their own unique APN, kindly contact your sim card provider for their APN and set the APN according to user manual please.


Question 7: Why the GPS tracker led light is off?

Answer: please connect gps tracker with external power to charge the built in battery for 5-7 hours, then try again.

Question 8: Why it said "log in fail" on on itrac gps tracker ios andriod app "itracksafe"
Answer: Kinldy choose the correct server, we have two server, please choose, default is null.



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