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Health Care Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Digital LCD Wrist Cuff Blood Pressure Meter Esfingomanometro Tonometer

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So, what we talk about?

Blood pressure wrist monitor


Product Description


• Small delicate design
• LCD digital display
• It can store 99 groups of measuring results of two people and display the average reading of measurement results of the latest three times
• Automatic compression and decompression
• Blood pressure classification function provides convenience for users to judge whether their blood pressure value is normal or not
• Working Voltage: 3V (AAA x 2)
• Adult wristband: Wrist circumference range 13.5 cm -19.5 cm

• Display results: SBP/DBP/PR
• Unit switch: Kpa/mmHg switch (default unit is mmHg)
• Sets of memory: Double sets of memory, each set has 99 groups for memory recall
• Clock function: set the year, month, date, hour, and minute.
• Low power inspection: LCD will display a signal to indicate low power, please make sure to check the low power state
• Protective function for excessive pressure: If the air pressure is over 295mmHg (20ms), the product will exhaust quickly and automatically.
• Power-off function: automatically power-off if there is no operation within 1 minute.

Note: There is no voice set function and voice broadcast function.

• Blood pressure monitor (with wristband)
• Instructions
• Retail Box
• No battery

Function Description

Correct Measurement Method

1. Sit in a chair as shown in the picture, do not lean forward or bend your body.
2. Take 3-4 deep breaths before measuring. Relax your shoulders and arms. Make sure your body is relaxed.
3. During the measurement, the middle of the wrist cuff should be the same height as your heart. Do not move your body and wrist. We recommend that you put a soft cushion under your elbow.

Key Description

1. Low Power Signal
2. Systolic Pressure
3. Diastolic Pressure
4. Pulse Rate
5. HR Symbol
6. Sets of Memory
7. Blood Pressure Unit Symbol
8. Average Symbol
9. Blood Pressure Classification Symbol
10. Systolic Pressure
11. Date / Time Display


Product Certification

Authorized Certification & Quality Assurance

High-Definition Screen

Large screen and large font with clear results

One Button Operation

The measurement is completed automatically once you press the switch button.








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