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Original Xiaomi Mijia Wiha Daily Use Screw Kit 24 Precision Magnetic Bits Alluminum Box Screw Driver xiaomi smart home Kit

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So, what we talk about?




Original Xiaomi Mijia Wiha Daily Use Screwdriver Kit 24 Precision Magnetic Bits Alluminum Box Screw Driver xiaomi smart home Kit


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Xiaomi Mijia Wiha Daily Use Screwdriver Kit 24 Precision Magnetic Bits Alluminum Box Screw Driver

xiaomi smart home Kit 2017 New




Wiha refinement screwdriver set
Aluminum alloy shell 丨 24 wiha precision batch head 丨 magnetic whisker storage 丨 aluminum handle




Rice and Germany high-end tool brand wiha side by side to build
Wiha, the German tool industry in the high-end brands, with nearly eight decades of high-quality tool manufacturing experience.




Aluminum alloy storage box

High-precision one molding process
Rounded edge of the arc, comfortable grip
Surface sandblasting anode treatment, anti-corrosion anti-corrosion




24 wiha precision batch head

High precision bite
Double rust treatment
Hard and not brittle, tough and not soft





Aluminum handle

Anodic oxidation treatment
Special anti-skid handling
Rotary cap design






Meet most of the daily needs
xiaomi mijia wiha repair screwdriver 24 high-precision batch head, a total of 9 species for quartz watches,
Cameras, radios, computers, mobile phones, unmanned aerial vehicles and other conventional small household appliances to meet the needs of most daily repair.





Xiaomi mijia wowstick wowcase Electric Screwdriver Drill Bit Head Box For Mijia Wiha and 1fs pro ,1p+ Electric Screwdriver kits


Note: Drill bits no included


One-button automatic lifting batch group / can store 7 Bits / top magnetic adsorption


This xiaomi wowcase can work with mijia wihaScrewdriver kits and 1fs ,1p+ Electric Screwdriver,and more model .



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Xiaomi mijia wowstick wowpad Magnetic Screwpad Screw Postion Memory Plate Mat Precise Repair Tool Parts For Wiha Screwdriver kit



This is xiaomi mijia wowstick series products named  wow screwpad which is a magnetic pad used for placing the screws taken from the electronic products, such as smart phone, digital camera,RC toys. Clear marked lattice to postion the screws enable the user easy to momery the screws installed on the products, the best partner for your wowstick screwdrivers like A1,1S,1F,1P,Mijia wiha screwdrivers kit






Size: 165 X 65mm/6.5 X 2.56inch(L*W)

Net Weight: 62g


Package Included:

1X Wowpad Magnetic Screw Postion Memory Plate





Xiaomi mijia wowstick Magnetizer Demagnetizer for mijia Wiha Screwdriver kits  and 1FS Pro ,1p+  electric screwdriver
Note: Work with xiaomi mijia wiha Screwdriver kit and 1fs pro 1p+ Electric screwdriver and more
Item Name: xiaomi wowstick Magnetizer / Demagnetizer
Magnetizer Demagnetizer Screwdriver Magnetic Tool Blue
Application of scope:
magnetizing screwdriver tips or just about anything else
It can also be used to demagnetize tools or parts you don\'t want magnetized
No batteries or electrical required, easy to use
While awkwardly making a pick up onthe screws, just inser the screwdriver the " + " marked endto give a magnetized that the screws can be easily to pick up.
While repairin the electric appliances and electronic component & partssiply the screwdrive tip into the " - " marked end to give a demgnetized instantly



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