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XYj Kitchen Knives Paring Utility Santoku Chef Slicing Bread Stainless Steel Knives New Arrival 2018 Kitchen Tools Accessories

US $101.92
US $24.46

So, what we talk about?





Package includes:
Handle material: stainless steel 
Blade material: stainless steel 

1.This top grade knife was full made by artificial work in our factory. It\'s functional and well balanced, good for practice and collections!

2.This top grade knife\'s blade is strong and sharp through more procedures.  it is high grade and durable.

3.It is a all-purpose knife you must have. This is the one you want it to be the extension of your arm. If you want a knife, Then this is the one for everything.The ultimate cutting tool for everyday mincing dicing and chopping fruits, vegetables, meats and fish. It is known as the chef\'s best friend.
4.Please note: Due to different measurement methods, the size and weight of the product may have a slight error; Please don\'t put in dishwasher.
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