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Jansite Smart Car TPMS Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Solar Power Digital LCD Display Auto Security Alarm Systems Tyre Pressure

US $79.96
US $21.59

So, what we talk about?

Type: Jansite Intelligent Solar TPMS Car Tire Pressure

-Solar power charging, don’t need to charge by connecting car cigarette lighter

-Colorful LCD Digital displaying, clear to show tire information

-Rear-time monitoring pressure & temperature of 4 tires

-Low air pressure/high temperature alarm

-High Temperature / Leakage / Low Battery Alarm

-Intelligent Shock Boot when car moving, don’t need to turn on/off

-Wireless connect by sensors, easy install

-Build-in sensors and external sensors options, meets all your need

-Freescale chip sensors and fit on almost 98% cars on market

Build-in Sensor ( Option )

- Please install in by Professional car center

-More stable and accurate

-Anti High Temperate and Cold

-IP67 Protection / Waterproof

-Working Temperature: -40℃-125℃

-Battery Life: 5 Years, replaceable

External Sensor ( Option )

- Easy to install, convenient to replace

-Dust-Proof / Water-Proof / Anti-theft

-Anti High Temperate and Cold

-IP67 Protection / Waterproof

-Working Temperature: -20℃-85℃

-Battery Life: 2 Years, replaceable

Risk early-warning

Accurate early warning, safer driving, more reassuring

Suitable for many kinds of cars

Suitable for Cars, ORV, SUV, MPV, Minibus, Wagon, etc.

Suitable for many kinds of cars

Suitable for Cars, ORV, SUV, MPV, Minibus, Wagon, etc.

Intelligent Chip

Rapid induction abnormality, beep early warning

Intelligent On and Off

When the car is started, the vibration of the machine is automatically opened and the machine

is shut down automatically when it is still, without manual operation.

Q: What is TPMS?

A: It is Tire Pressure Monitoring System and also call Tire Pressure Sensor. Make alarm and show car tires’ pressure and temperature.

Q: How long the sensor battery can use?

A: Build-in sensor: 5 years; external sensor: 3 years. We will offer all our customers free replace battery, and buyers only need to pay about 3-4$ for shipping cost.

Q: How to install sensors?

A: We suggest to install the build-in sensors by professional car center; external one install can read our page and manual for reference.

Q: Does the solar charging work for cloudy day?

A: Yes. Normally, full solar charging can work for 3 days and it can work in cloudy and fog days.

Q: Can it work in snow day?

A: Yes. If the TPMS show “N5 Alarm”, Please don’t worry and just drive the car for a distance make tires moving. It will be ok. The external sensors will be affected by cold environment, just need to running cars.

Q: Does it need to connect car cigarette lighter for charging?

A: No. Normally it will charge by solar, but if you meet a very bad weather for a long time or need urgent charge, you can use the USB for charge. (USB not included)

Q: Does it need to turn on/off the TPMS?

A: No. It will turn on by shock boot and turn off if there is no shock for 10 minutes.