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Daly 3.6V 3.7V 13S 48V E-bike Li ion battery 18650 BMS 15A 20A 25A 35A 45A 60A battery BMS Charging Voltage 54.6V With balance

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So, what we talk about?

Daly 3.6V 3.7V 13S 48V E-bike lithium Li ion battery 18650 BMS 16A 18A 25A 35A 45A 60A battery BMS Charging Voltage 54.6V With balance

Model: DL13S (3.7V rated Li-IONBattery not for3.2V Rated LiFePO4)

common Version : common port for charge/discharge

separate Version : separate port for charge/discharge

We can customize any PCB from 1S to 30S lithium batteries with different current.

1. Overview

◆DL13S48V18A/25A/35A/45A/60Abms is used for 13 series 48V battery pack.

◆We can design it for various lithium batteries like LiFepo4, LiMn2O4, and Li-polymer etc.

◆The main functions are: over charge protection, over discharge protection, over current protection, short-circuit protection, temperature protection etc.

◆According to the customer request we can develop PCM in different sizes and structures.

◆BMS manufactured by high quality Mos and IC imported . Keep your battery long cycle serivce life time.

2. Advantage

◆Use top quality (A-level) protective integrated circuit IC, from the solution of Seiko of Japan.

◆Strong load ability, constant discharge current18A/25A/35A/45A/60A, use high voltage resistance, low inner

resistance power Mosfet. The heat sink will greatly help cooling.

◆IC itself has power balancing function. The circuit is simple and reliable.

◆Typical voltage detection for each cell. So each battery will be prevented over charged or over discharged. Over current and short circuit protection

function is very reliable.Long time short circuit of the load won’t affect the PCB and the battery.Temperature protection during charging and discharging.

◆Extreme low power consumption. The consumption of the whole device is less than 50uA.

◆PCB use high anti-corrosion, high water resistance, high impedance ESD conformal Coating

Parameters for li-ion 13S 48V BMS
Description Specification Unite Remarks
25A 35A 45A 60A
Discharge continue discharge current 25 35 45 60 A
Discharge Peak current 60 100 180 180 A
Over current protection 60 100 180 180 A
Charge Charge voltage 54.6 V
Charge current 25 35 45 60 A Charge current 8A in separate port
Over charge protection Over charge detect voltage 4.25±0.025 V
Over charge protection delay 0.5 S
Over charge release voltage 4.19±0.05 V
Balance Balance detection voltage NA V Balance voltage 4.18V
Balance release voltage NA V Balance voltage 4.19V
Balance current NA mA Balance current35±5mA
Discharge protection Over discharge detect voltage 2.8±0.05 V
Over discharge detect delay 0.5 S
Over discharge release voltage 3.0±0.05 V
Over current protection Over current detect voltage 150 mV
Over current detect delay 9 MS
Over current protection release conditions Off load
Short circuit protection Short circuit protection conditions short circuit with extermal load
Short circuit detection delay 250 uS
Short circuit protection release conditions Off load
Temp Protection Temp Protection NA As Requirement
Inner resistance Main circuit conductive inner resistance≤10
Self electricity consume Working current≤40 uA
Sleeping current(Battery in overdischarge)≤20 uA
Working Temp Temp range-30to80

1.BMS 2.Antistatic Bag 3.Wiring Cable 4.Wiring diagram 5.Packing Box

Applied to electric tools, electric scooters, motorcycles, electric motorcycles, electric tricycles, and electric vehicles and so on.

Dongguan Daly Electroniccs Co.,Ltd,Started in year of 2013.Our factory is in Guangdong Dongguan Changping.It is a high-tech company specializing in R&D, production and sales of lithium battery protection board (BMS).The company has an internationally standardized quality management system.We exported our products over 80 countries in the world with good reputation.

One-stop solution, Lithium / LiFePo4 battery packs, accept customized, OEM sevices,Any questions please contact us!

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​1.What is the common port and separate port? what is the difference?

We take 13S48V16A BMS as an example, common port 16A means your chargecathode and discharge cathode are connected in the same point end(our P-),charge cathode and discharge cathode are used in the common connection

port, so the charge current and discharge current are the same 16A. while theseparate port is separately connected by charge cathode (C-) and dischargecathode (P-), so the charge current and discharge current are different,discharge current 16A, charge current 8A.

2.What is the balance function?

The working principle and function are as followings, when your one cell voltageis upto alarm voltage(Li-ion upto 4.18V, Life Po4 upto (3.6V), then the cell Balancestarts to work, balance resistance starts discharge with 35ma(when balancedischarge starts to work, BMS will starts a little heat up, which is the normalreflection), the cell is in both charging and discharging status, and others whichare not reached to alarm voltage(Li-ion 4.18V, Life Po43.6V)are only in chargingstatus, no discharging, when the fast cell voltage is reached to alarm voltage(Li-ion 4.25V, Life Po43.75V)BMS starts off power protection, all the other cells

are all in stop of charging, this process will enable your battery charging inbalance current, and your battery voltage are in balance status, but when yourcell voltage difference are in a big range, then balance can not be functionning.


3.The relationship between Battery capacity and BMS current?

There is no direct relationship between Battery capacity and BMS current, bigcapacity doesn`t mean a big battery, but rely on continue current, that is to sayif your engine is powerful, your should choose high current of BMS, it is not reliedon battery capacity.

4. What type of charger should I choose?

Lithium battery must choose specific charger, do not useCharger for Leadacid battery, for leadacid charger may have MOS with highpressure breakdown protection, which will not protect of BMS over charge.Life Po4 battery charger voltage=battery string No.X3.6V, while Li-ion batterycharger voltage=Battery string No.X4.2V.

5. What current BMS should I choose ?

Take 10S36V as an example: what current BMS you choose is relied on yourE-bicycle Motor power and current limitation of controller. eg., choose 16A forbelow 350W, 25A for below500W, 35A for below 800W, 60A for Below 1000W,higher than 1200W are contact with our service specialist for suggestions, oneinall, continue current shall be higher than current limitation in Controller.

6. Whether my BMS damaged?

if you want to judge if the BMS is damaged, please take the folowing steps, totest if each cell voltage is the same with voltmeter? if the cell voltage differenceis over 1.0V, the fault is displayed that it cannot run far, no power supply at the

start range, short charge time, all these issues are almost caused by battery cells,if BMS damaged is displyed as no charge, no discharge, no discharge while thebattery has voltage.